Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Oh. OMG.

I posted two Cars commentfics at the same time, right?

1. One was about an antagonist racecar and a "hi I had one line in this movie" racecar both playing a collaborative MMOPRG Star Wars farming game together.

2. The other one was responding to a prompt that wanted a car to die alone in the desert and have his former POW/PTSD bff mourn him, and the whole town falls apart in nightmarish grief and everything is terrible and no one is the same ever again because the idyllic fantasy of Radiator Springs is broken irreparably.

I, uh. Forgot. That I wrote the farming game one. And confused its title for the death one. So people kept saying that it was "eccentric" and "adorable," and "amusing," and I was just like, jesus, this fandom is secretly real fuckin dark. (WHICH, TO BE FAIR, CARS FANDOM DOES REALLY LOVE REQUESTING DEATHFIC.)

I just replied to those comments thinking they were all for the deathfic, though. And only just now realized that they were for a completely different fic. As you might imagine, this made for some strange-ish replies. (Them: "One word: Adorable." Me: "Which part? The death or the mourning? ;P" THE FIC: "THESE CARS MAINTAIN VIRTUAL FARMS ON TATOOINE TOGETHER.")

Omg. Omg. Omg. Self.

Tags: fandom: misc., wow i actually don't have a tag for this

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