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12x09-13x09 and 13x06 "Tombstone"

As is only fitting for the end of the year, I just finished marathoning all the SPN eps that aired in 2017! My memory of the last half of S12 was garbage because I marathoned them all at once the first time around, too--but all the eps I'd forgotten about were so wonderful. I totally forgot about Fishing Demon and Hit a Hellhound with an Axe Girl!

Some quick notes on my Top 3 Greatest Things About 13x06 "Tombstone":

1. The jubilantly zany musical cues. From all of the cowboy score to Athena's headphone music. YEEHAW, SHOW. OWN IT.

2. One of the ways Billie notes that Dean could potentially die in 13x05 is "killed by a ghoul in a graveyard." And where do we end up in the first two seconds of this episode? Hunting a ghoul in a graveyard. So sly! I love it.

3. The scene where Dean and Castiel first meet the sergeant. They're doing their zany cowboy thing and everything is inherently ridiculous--but they walk up to that sergeant, and suddenly it's about someone's actual death. Not only that, it's a nephew's death. It's painful, and personal, and it's not just fun n' games. This episode walks that line so well, blending silliness and seriousness in a way that just works, and that's so, so SPN. <333 Whereas if it were 100% serious, SPN wouldn't be able to pull it off; if it were 100% zany, it wouldn't be worth it (imho).

4. Bonus: Jack wanting to know the name of the guard he accidentally killed, and asking if that guard had a family. Dean replies, "Yes, he did." I loved that Jack wasn't having any of the Winchesters trying to console him/downplay the severity of what just happened--but I loved even more that Dean could answer him.

Happy New Year, all! <333333 Here's to a pleasant and better-managed 2018!
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