Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Wayward <3

I should update properly to round out 2017, but for now I finally got my mail today, and I wanted to thank you all for your beautiful cards! (amberdreams, look! Mail forwarding apparently still works for cards, just not packages! XP) I want to express my gratitude for all of your amazing kindness, especially since I haven't exchanged mail with a lot of you since last year and you still sent me something! <3333

My own letters are sitting on this desk, even though I literally mailed myself cards to California, only to haul them all the way back to Michigan because I didn't actually finish them. =____=;; Good thing the Lunar New Year isn't until February, haha...

All of you here on LJ are the best family one could ever ask for. <3

Thank you emmatheslayer for the pretty card and button! And to plainrea, one of my very first pen pals, for the letter and necklace. <333 Thank you alethiometry for the LIGHTNING MCQUEENS and the cetaceans! And thank you hefreak, amberdreams, casey28, and sillie82 (OMG YOUR HANDMADE CARDS!! <333) for your lovely cards and holiday wishes.

In the past month I've supervised a student trip to Japan, turned in a fellowship application, celebrated the holidays with my family, got really attached to my sister's boyfriend's family's chihuahua while we babysat her(she's not cute but she's got a lot of personality), wrote an ABSURDLY long fanfic for Cars (we're talking a 14k+ oneshot, guys), traveled to the largest conference in my field and successfully delivered a paper (after travel chaos brought on by the East Coast being a bag full of dicks), and said farewell to a beloved family pet--an elderly dog, who would've turned 15 this year.

Now it's time to turn in another fellowship app, finish this dissertation chapter, start on the next one, and try, as usual, to get my life in order. Guys, it might actually happen this time.

I have until January 18, right? XD
Tags: fandom: spn, goodness, winter is beautiful

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