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- I FINISHED MY FELLOWSHIP APP. Next app deadline isn't until early March. Now I can actually like, work on my dissertation, maybe. Working on these is...weird. The first one was traumatic, but at this point I'm like, look. The odds of actually getting one are so slim it's basically just buying a lottery ticket. A very time- and skill-intensive lottery ticket. But I'm fine with teaching next year instead. I just gotta put pedal to metal between now and September so I can manage all the balls at once. /O\

- Continuing this binge watch of Fullmetal Alchemist, because I'm hell-bent on finished it before January 18. I'm definitely past the point where I kept up with canon when I was in the fandom, but my primary feeling while watching it is still how much I wish it were SPN instead. On the upside, this means I'm really really really really ready for January 18! *___* I suspect the episode will be Winchester-lite, which sucks, but I'm here for our ladies. <3

- "Night Moves" is playing on shuffle and I am having too many emotions and probably won't survive the whole song. askfljas;kflajs

- NASCAR Twitter was so good and wholesome this weekend. My favorite driver was in a dirt racing championship race last night, and looked poised to win it until his engine blew--which was super devastating. But the winner's a good guy, too. And everyone was so supportive of my fave on Twitter after his misfortune, omg. :') Let's do more of that, world. More love, less wank. I'm looking at YOU SPN Twitter. I'm not even a part of SPN Twitter and YET. AND YET. AUGH. >:(
Tags: academia, fandom: spn

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