Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Short n' spooky 13x11 squee

I'm not cognizant of Law and Order: SVU's airing schedule the way I am with SPN's, so I'm always taken by surprise (and suitably devastated) when there's a BYE week like this week. BUT IT TURNS OUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE SPN DID THEM A SOLID AND PULLED DOUBLE DUTY AND I. AM. THRIVING. I adored everything about this episode and that's all I have to say. (13x11 was easily the best episode Law and Order: SVU has had all season, I'll tell you that much.)

[Spoiler (click to open)]The music, the cinematography, the monsters (this, more than alternate universes, is the kind of worldbuilding I'm into), mohawk trucker lady(!!!!!), Bible guy, clown-like mask dude whose FACE WE NEVER SEE(?!), the fight choreography, Sam's bedroom, their shitty pancake mix, Donna, Doug, the works.

Loved the sly Impala callout, too. I'm PRETTY SURE that was a mid-2000s variant. Dean definitely noticed. XD
Tags: fandom: spn, spn !!

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