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I love that the second they drove up to the mansion Dean knew exactly what episode of Scooby Doo they were in. Scooby being one of the heirs to an old Colonel’s fortune didn’t ping him--but the look of the house? Done deal. He was able to ID the episode specifically because he remembered what this exact, animated mansion looked like. Feels like a ref back to this scene to me!

It's not raining, but the roads are wet and the air misty as SAM and DEAN park the IMPALA in front of the inn. DEAN gets out of the driver's side.


Dude, this is sweet. I never get to work jobs like this.


Like what?


Old school haunted houses, you know? Fog, and secret passageways ... sissy British accents. Might even run into Fred and Daphne while we're inside. 

(closing his eyes briefly)

Mmm, Daphne. Love her.  [2x11 "Playthings"]
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