Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Let's double-check this.

Yesterday I got to hang out with finchandsparrow and had such an amazing time!!!! We did an escape room, then ate crazy amounts of fried rice and noodles at a Thai restaurant. We got to talk about all the things, and she is

THE. SWEETEST. <333333333333

Also, here’s the most recent song that has reminded me of SPN—specifically S6/S7 vibes. What part of those first two stanzas isn’t soulless!Sam/The Wall? (And I'd like to mention that there is literally an S6/key Soulless!Sam episode that involves spiders, SOOOO.) The last one probably belongs to Dean, through to the beginning of S8, with Purgatory.

Got a head full of spiders
And a heart that isn't here
In a room full of liars
All my demons reappear

Tell the preacher not to pray
There's no angels where I go
Only pieces that I broke and
Scattered dreams across the globe
I'm home

Tried to stay sober, tried to stay clean
Wake me when it's over, like a bad dream
No one’s gonna worry, notice when I'm gone
They wouldn't know I'm missing
Til' they pull me out The Mystic

Tags: fandom: spn, it happens in detroit, mistaking reality for spn again, strange tales from the midwestern front, trufax

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