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Remember the 2014 FIFA World Cup where I made like 97 post about soccer? Well.

Sports interviews are such a strange genre? And I mean in particular the ones they give after they've lost, or wrecked, or both. Because like, your adrenaline's probably through the roof--and I'm not sure if you've ever held a conversation with someone on a major adrenaline high, but they really do sound high. But at the same time, you've just had the high smacked right out of you, and you're also riding out what's probably crushing disappointment. In NASCAR, the reporters typically interview the drivers immediately after the in-field care center clears them (if they were in a wreck), or immediately after the race, and it is always the most dramatically awkward, sadface interview. Some drivers handle it better than others, or will try to put a positive spin on it--all the while plugging their Hendrick Motorsports Lowes for Pros Camaro ZL1--but they're always disappointed.

In today's race my fave narrowly missed a win at his favorite track, coming in second to someone he's come in second to at this track many times before. In his interview immediately after the race he honestly sounded like he was one more probing question away from crying. And then in his longer interview in the media center, he was just so. Visibly. Upset. He was toying with his mic, leaning on his hand, poking at the table, staring at the table, and all the while his answers just kept getting progressively quieter until finally the moderator started to release him and man, he'd jumped up and walked away before she'd even finished her sentence. I know that sounds kind of surly and standoffish but he looked so upset I don't think anyone would begrudged him that. The reporter in the audience who asked a follow-up question sounded genuinely apologetic about even needing to ask a follow-up question, like omg someone please release him. SAVE HIM.

It was a really intense race! It lasted two days due to snow and rain delays; someone who'd led 100 laps got wrecked when cars he was lapping lost control--which means he got wrecked while he was in first, by cars who were at the very back. The track official who was there to make sure he was all right kept like, trying to put a reassuring hand on his back and he was just like aw hell nah, brushing the guy off and trying to get off the track as quickly as possible. Then he got home, only to discover a gigantic tree by his house was felled by the storm, and he was like... "Disappointing end to the race. Got home to this disappointing tree. Guess I'm using candles tonight." SAVE HIM.

And then his bff was also super emotional and on the verge of tears because of the rollercoaster that was his race. He generally feels his emotions pretty deep, but man. The other two are probably some of the most centered, cool guys on the track but what they were doing was just that intense. This race was just that intense.

tl;dr Everyone cried, post-race interviews are honestly some other plane of existence, and that plane of existence is usually synonymous with some deep circle of Hell. I get why the interviews happen but being interviewed under those circumstances would be SO MISERABLE. I mean, best case scenario it's "I just drove 500 miles at 190 miles an hour and it's hot and I haven't eaten and the weather is awful and if you're not first you're last, so wow, I'm glad I get to tell you what losing feels like and why I think I came up short. Cool!" (The alternative being, "Uh, I just slammed into a solid object at 190 miles an hour. Sure, let me tell you all about it.") Saaaaave them.
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