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Elastic Universe

One thing I really love about the SPN universe is the way it bends to necessity. Like, you can be writing a fic and get 20,000 words in and suddenly shout OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT CASTIEL. And then wonder, okay, I feel like Sam should have called Castiel like... 3,000 words into this, tops. Should he? Is there a reason he can't? What's Castiel doing right now?

But then, because the universe is elastic in that way, you can be like, actually, it doesn't matter. Castiel can, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist for the span of an entire storyline, and that won't feel off the pace at all.

I know lots of people would cry plot hole, or inconsistency, or whatever. But I actually unironically really like the strange uncanny of that. XD I think it's cool. The universe doesn't have rules; only guidelines!
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