Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Navel-gazing VI

All right. I've been writing the same one scene for the last week and a half, because I'll write ten words and stop because like, I cannot. Because I'll just be like, well, this isn't fair at all! This is super unflattering and it's not fair and this character doesn't even stand a chance at getting a chance to be good! Not good like, anointed, but like. Just the best version of himself. It's not fair and I DON'T LIKE THIS. D;

Right now I'm trying to get myself to trust that it's not because the scene wouldn't happen this way that I don't like this; it's that it could, and I just don't like that. akslfjal;fka

That is the peril of writing late-season Winchesters in a nutshell, probably?? I also feel like I'm wanking at my own story because I don't like the direction its arc has taken but it's happening whether I approve or not. XD
Tags: writing

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