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Personal Easter Eggs

My favorite thing about fan fiction is getting to spend quality time with a series and continue forming your relationships with the characters. Sometimes I write stuff to do experimental writing-y things that are just for fun, or for exploring a series at that esoteric level of like, its universe—usually for stuff that’s not about Sam and Dean, for characters who I find interesting or intellectually entertaining but are necessarily meaningful to me in that marrow-deep, etched-into-my-soul Winchester kind of way. Mostly I’m here to hang out with them! I feel like fanwork—pick your poison—is a deeply intimate activity, because you’re having this conversation with these characters at this level of particularity that really doesn’t exist unless you’re making someone. (Or courting them, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.)

And like, of course fanfic is an opportunity to get down and dirty with everyone’s psychological hangups and deep dark secrets, but you’re also sharing with each other (you and whomever you’re writing) all your little ephemera. Sam and Dean of course come with almost 300 hours of their own. And in fic, you can share bits and pieces of yourself, too. Tiny pieces of kitsch, like party favors. Maybe the little pieces already meant something to you, or maybe they didn’t; but now they’re part of your fic and part of the Winchesters’ lives and they are part of your love for them now, too. <333

I thought I’d share some of my own personal Easter eggs from the fic I just posted. They’re personal Easter eggs because, well, they’re not really for anyone but me, since I’m the only one who knows these references back to my life, obviously. But I still think they’re kind of neat, and I hope future!me looks back on this post and finds it nostalgically meaningful.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s personal Easter egg accoutrements in their works, too!

Sam’s crossword and “Nothing Else Matters” - I am… really bad at crossword puzzles. The Metallica clue was the only one I knew for sure, lol. That clue was WAY too easy (really, was the parenthetical necessary???) so I changed it a bit for Sam's crossword.

Sam visits Victor, ID - Where it snows in summer.

the white/black pegs game - a game my parents used to play at restaurants. The actual game was for guessing the bill, rather than one’s location somewhere in the US. Black pegs—right number, right place value. White peg—right number, wrong place value. No pegs—wrong number, wrong place value.

Dean visits NoLa - where I went on vacation with some SPN fandom friends last year :’)

Dean’s crane picture - Plot Twist: This isn’t a crane; Dean just doesn’t know anything about birds.

Nantucket, RI - where I’m going on vacation with those same SPN fandom friends this year!

Sam’s gunmetal Yaris rental - the color nail polish a SPN fandom friend once sent me + the car they drive in Psych, which is a much less depressing bromance show

sunflowers in Nebraska - my favorite sunflowers <3

butterfly garden in Nipomo - one of my strongest memories from a December road trip up the CA coast

Sam’s Wrangler - I went to an overland travel workshop and had a spectacular time with guys who love their Wranglers <3

Dean’s mermaid case in Florida - the Floridian mermaids are an actual thing!

Sam’s “motor roundup” - there’s a real term for the version of motel where each room is a separate building, but I can’t remember what it is, so lol Sam doesn’t either. It’s just that he was concussed and I’m not. XD

Lander, WY - There’s a restaurant here called “Cowfish” that serves fish and beef. There’s a deleted scene from this fic where Sam asks Dean if that’s the Wyoming town with said restaurant and Dean is just like WTF are you talking about, but I cut it out because it didn’t fit with the emotional tenor of the scene like, at all. XP

Vanessa’s RC Cola - My 8th grade math teacher loved RC Cola and I still bear an unnecessarily long-standing grudge against him. Seemed fitting that Vanessa, whom Sam hates sort of pointlessly, would be drinking the same.

Moab, UT & Alliance, NE

Denton, TX - hometown of a SPN fandom friend ;)

The Alaskan - No matter where you go, there is always an Alaskan dude hackeysacking it around the continental US??? As ubiquitous as Australians Traveling Abroad. XD

Sam hiking in the Grand Canyon - A tribute to the extreme physical pain that was backpacking Catalina Island during a heat wave, omg.

Brillo commercial - my favorite ad that played during every single ad session on NBC.Com’s SVU episodes, lol

brown soapy carpet in Sam’s NC motel - very distinctive carpet I borrowed from this lovely motel in Nebraska

Man, this motel was great, though. When I arrived no one was at the desk so I walked to the town's cafe and inquired after the owner. Turns out he was having lunch at said cafe, so while I waited for him to finish his meal the cafe lady gave me a free ice cream cone. XD I did my laundry in the sink and watched the agricultural news channel.
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