Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

13x21 (again)

If all of 13x21 was some bizarre cloak and dagger and it turns out that Heaven doesn't short out because Gabriel and Rowena's lovechild nephilim gets born (Rowena survives the pregnancy, of course, because of that charm she's got) I honestly do not know what I will do with myself. XDDDDDDD I KNOW IT SOUNDS WEIRD, but in the context of those early scenes from 13x21 I feel like it almost turns into a "well, this would be weird, but with this slightly less weird previously established context, this actually kind of works" situations. I mean, how does introducing the Biblical Apocalypse not seem weird? But starting five years earlier on a stairwell with someone shouting into the dark void, WE WERE RAISED LIKE WARRIORS, DEAN. SALT BEING A SPIRIT DETERRENT.
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