Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Devil's in the Details

Guys, this is wild:

Okay, so, you're all familiar with 1:64 diecast cars, right? Hot Wheels and the like. Well, NASCAR makes diecasts, too, obviously, but theirs are extremely different from your dollar store hot wheel, and I think today is the first day I realized just how different.

In order to explain how freaking amazing this is, I need to back up a bit. In 2018, NASCAR eliminated the previous year's ride height restriction at superspeedway tracks. This rule had previously stated that cars had to maintain at least 4" of clearance from the ground, at a particular kind of track.

Looking two of my diecasts--one of which is from a 2017 superspeedway race and one of which is from a 2018 superspeedway race (sidenote: the 2017 diecast is a "raced win" diecast, which means it was fabricated with reference to photos of exactly what that particular car looked like when it won that race, scuffs and dents and damage and all)--and




the ride heights are actually substantially different! See that green area at the bottom? That's how different the ride heights are for these two NASCAR diecasts. Which were made to replicate cars that were, again, set-up specifically for a particular kind of race and a particular rules package. Their level of difference is that intense, and their attention to detail that fine.

That is some freaking commitment and these little guys are AWESOME. What do I love more than hopelessly nerdy details???? <333333333333 And like, it's not like they're super expensive, artisanal collector's items you can only buy online for $200. These are the little ones you can buy in the toy aisle at Target for $4.99.

But even at that level of merchandise, they are works of love and art.
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