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8x01 "We Need To Talk About Kevin"

I started this rewatch so long ago (e.g. in between S9 and S10, OMG) I feel like I need to start with S1 again, but in the interest of finishing, ever, I'm picking up where I left off, saving people, hunting things, the family business!

Usually when Dean waves guns in civilians' faces I'm like, okay, they don't really deserve that kind of trauma, but I'll be honest, these kids might have.

They backpacked in... a gigantic frame tent? And camp chairs? I applaud their back strength but that's just zany. I'd say they backpacked the 12 miles from the road to a pre-existing shelter, but if that tent were sitting out there all exposed it wouldn't be so clean. Also, they left their packs outside the tent??? On the ground??? In bear country??? They're lucky it was only a half-deranged post-Purgatory guy who found them.

And they left their coals exposed and burning, unattended. >.>

I'd say maybe they drove in, hence all the extra gear, but if that were the case then Dean wouldn't just stolen their car, right? I doubt fresh out of Purgatory he was taking the time to decide whether or not leaving them without a vehicle out there might kill them.

But maybe in his frenzy the notion of transportation actually hadn't occurred to him. I could totally see that. He's on a mission and he's spent the last year on foot so blinders on, he's just plowing.

It takes him four days to hitchhike from Maine to Clayton, Lousiana, which is a 30-hour/1800 mile drive if you don't have to hitchhike. I wonder what those four days were like--I feel like hitchhiking requires you to be vaguely social; maybe not like, a lot, but more than Dean's had reason to be in a year. Or more, really, since all through S7 Dean and Dean's life were not exactly social. It must have been such a behavioral curve--though probably anyone willing to pick Dean up would've had some major cojones on them. They probably figured he'd just gotten out of prison.

But hey, Dean thanks this guy, and they hold a brief convo even after he's out of the car, so he's handling it.

And why hitchhike, rather than boost someone's car? I guess if you don't have the money to pay for gas for your stolen car, this is the way you gotta do. Especially since the beginning of S8 would've been 2012, and man, gas was like $4 a gallon!

Also, throughout this whole montage they play Styx's "Man in the Wilderness" and I'm in LOVE.

Guys, I haven't even made it to the title card.
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