Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Marking Pages That Aren't Even in the Book

One of my last acts of 2018 was attempting to organize all my Chrome bookmarks, and I found a folder titled "Supernatural." I didn't know I had any bookmarks related to Supernatural, but apparently these are them:

Two gifs of Dean, some paper horror dollhouses, a couple excellent articles that actually don't have anything to do with Supernatural at all (BUT ARE EXCELLENT), and a Dilbert comic strip about angry people. XDDDD

If you were wondering what fandom felt like in 2015, this was apparently applicable lollll.

I remember the "Why is America Dotted with Giant, Concrete Arrows?" article. I think they're for airplanes but I bookmarked it because I had this vision of demon!Dean disappearing off to do whatever it is he does and Sam finding all these gigantic arrows just sublimating themselves out of the ether and then following them to the ends of the earth because they were pointing toward Dean.
Tags: fandom: spn

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