Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Sad boats

I was moping last night about how astonishingly little I have to show for the amount of my life I've spent writing fanfic/writing in general--like, what am I proud of? would I tell anyone I'm proud of it? and how in a group of people I'm never the person people look at and think, "ah yes, that person is the one who writes things!" and that occasionally but consistently makes me sad.

But tonight a friend of mine wanted someone to jolt her into a sad mood so she could write a sad fic request, and the way I took it upon myself to accomplish this was by telling her the story of the doomed love of a sapient Titanic and her automobile captain, complete with ruminations on how boat-car relations were at the time, what folklore boats have about shipwrecks and the ocean, the timescales at which boats live their lives, and boats' fluency in sonar/echolocation, and I'm pretty sure I've achieved peak writing and peak stupidity all in one fell swoop and if these literal decades of producing words give me nothing else, at least now I know how deep the cultural divide between boats and cars was in 1912.
Tags: unapologetic hit-and-run

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