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I had a very cozy time last night! <3 I actually didn't need all the blankets I owned--just the five layers I was wearing, my sleeping bag, one fuzzy blanket, and my IKEA comforter. It was 13 outside, 20 in the car, and TOASTY WARM in my cocoon. <333

Except now of course I need to continue the experiments. Would it be possible to be comfortable in the car with just the sleeping bag and the car blankets/towels? Would it be possible to use this setup I had last night comfortably in a tent?

What modifications would I need to make in order to make it comfortable in a tent with things I would reasonably take camping (e.g. NOT MY BED COMFORTER)? Should I finally invest in a better sleeping bag?

Is there any point at which I could make it comfortable to sleep with materials I backpacked out? (The nearest state park only has hike-in winter camping, 7 miles from the parking lot.)

This morning I ate my little cherry pie (delightful), more of the cheese popcorn (omg), and tonight I get to watch 14x11. <3333333 Happy birthday, Dean! YOU MADE IT. <3
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, winter is beautiful

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