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7x06 + 13x20

One of my favorite things about SPN is, having spent my entire adult life watching it, if I'm feeling an emotion there's probably an episode for it. This week's mood is 7x06+13x20. What would be ideal here is if I had time to watch both eps and feel Seen but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Also, some idiot in this house keeps doing laundry in hot water during the evening, which means I haven't had water pressure nor hot water to bathe in, nor wash dishes in, for days. Today there was a power outage due to snow and ice on the power lines that affected, no joke, like nine houses. Maybe half a block. And what was dead center? MY HOUSE. I'm half convinced there's a bunch of train tracks in a Devil's Trap pattern and this dumb house is at the center of it. Starting seven days from the end of next month (lol) my rent is going up, and boy, I'm so thrilled to pay even more to live here.

I could tell myself, well. Technically, in the first house I lived in in this dumb state, I was paying more in rent and didn't have a washing machine and did all my laundry by hand in the tub or sink.

On the other hand, at that first house there would always be enough hot water/water pressure to take a shower, so. Tradeoffs.
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