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15x01 "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg"

One day I was as you are
One day you will be as I am

This afternoon finchandsparrow and I met up at a nature preserve and had a lovely, tick-filled tromp around the woods, wetlands, and fields! At one point, the preserve even abutted a cemetery, where we saw an interesting headstone.

But OMG, finchandsparrow, I'M AN IDIOT. You know how I was like, "oh wow, I wonder what that's supposed to mean. All I can think about is zombies?" I did not realize until just now that speaker of the phrase on the headstone was meant to be the person buried, even though, duh!!! Of course it is!!

For some reason I imagined the speaker was the person who had bought the headstone and had it engraved, and that it was a message to the person buried there. Which, in retrospect, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

But now I want a story about some weird town where it's long been common practice to use headstones as opportunities for elegy--messages to the dead. Usually, they're just updates about the family, or the world, so the dead person can keep up to date. Sometimes, if the person was afraid to die, they're assurances--like the headstone above.

Because, see, in this town, the dead have a habit of rising.

PERSONALLY, I THINK IT'D BE HILARIOUS if 15x01 took place in a town where everyone is pretty used to the dead-rising thing, but baffled by the fact that ghosts and monsters exist, because wait, that's not how this supposed to happen.

"Yeah, sure, because what happens here normally is totally normal."

It'd be an opportunity to 1) forestall diving straight into the God Apocalypse problem while still thematizing it in the premiere, 2) justify a MotW when the GOD APOCALYPSE just started, 3) include lingering thoughts/a convo about Mary--her being dead-dead and not coming back (and what about Jack?), but also about whether things might have been different if S12 hadn't come as such a shock to her, and she'd had forewarning. They could skirt around conversations about grieving practices, and maybe even figure out what's up with the apparently very normal dead-rising in town and how all that came about.

Tags: americana, fandom: spn, pics or it didn't happen, trufax

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