Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Today I Learned...

...that only did Kansas put an actual Cold War bunker up for sale once, some random dude actually turned it into a mansion: So uh, that's a real thing Kansas does.

Also, in 8x13, Dean refers to the bunker's "shower room." I don't actually know what word Dean typically uses to refer to bathrooms, but I don't think it's that. And like, the bunker and I have this really great deal going where I tolerate its presence and in exchange I get to do whatever I want with its architecture and I really don't care what it is in canon. But I've never really thought about the bathrooms, honestly. And I think when I've written fic that involved the bunker's bathrooms for whatever reason, it's always just been your typical motel suite setup, with one shower in a room separated from the toilet and sink. But that's like... the least likely bunker bathroom setup?? given the hostel setup of the rest of the bunker's residential area. XP

So then I was like, well, would it be more like a dorm suite style, with a row of separate shower pods, with a counter of multiple sinks either directly across from them?? Or a locker room style, with a great big 3/4 tile room that just has a bunch of spigots installed with no curtains at all??

And then I remembered that herpity derp, we have canon bunker bathroom--er, shower room, that is:

From that shot, it looks like the bunker straight-up just has a selection of spigots coming out of a tiled wall, in the exact same room as all the sinks and urinals. (Toilets appear to be elsewhere.)

I dunno how many people the bunker is supposed to be able to hold, but judging from the size of the kitchen, I'm guessing like 50 max? So I feel like there'd be 6-8 showers/sinks in this bathroom, and that there'd be 2, maybe 3, of them.

I'm sure a bunch of you are like, "Uh, yes... The bunker has existed for six and a half years, and you've had all this time to figure this out. And you're just doing it now?" IDK MAN I JUST NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEFORE. SHOWER ROOMS!


Next up, 8x15 "Man's Best Friend with Benefits," one of only two episodes I've seen only once (the other being 9x20). What mystery lies before me??
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