Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Midway Motel + Michigan Madness

Hello! finchandsparrow and I are on vacation together!! We're headed into the wilds, but we've already stopped at a quirky roadside motel (no front-facing windows, very short shower), eaten at a bar and grille (I had a "Beer Cheese Burger" with "extra oinks," for reasons), run through the darkness in a haphazard dash back to the room, walked in on our phone ringing, attempted to watch SPN but only got the Dolly Parton and Never Rake Again! channels, and ate cold blueberry pie out of Styrofoam container with utensils from the back of my car while watching SPN obtained by alternative means.

I also just submitted an application to Stanford in the dead of night, laptop screen shrouded by bedcovers.


I swear it looked cute before it got its little dollop of whipped cream beat into the stratosphere by the all the running. XDDDDDD
Tags: americana, fandom: spn, strange tales from the midwestern front

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