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Sweet baby jesus. Dean dodged a bullet with that one! In this episode of SVU, Carmen (Dean's wife in 2x20)

1) had an affair with a woman's fiance
2) killed the woman
3) burned the woman's house down
4) framed the fiance and his father
5) bought off a member of the jury to cause a mistrial
6) got caught
7) tried to commit suicide
8) threw the fiance/her lover off a building as his father watched

O_O Carmen, how could you!!!!! Not that this would remotely surprise me as a perfectly plausible alternate universe of the djinn's alternate universe. (Of course, in the SPN version, the woman who died would have been on the ceiling, not the floor. For symmetry.)

^^^ ALSO, there was a rando angel healer in this episode. Further evidence that some random episode of Law and Order: SVU's 2008 season is one of Chuck's multiverses. (Another edit: Not like, an actor who also played an angel in an episode of SPN. Literally, the scripted character in the SVU episode itself was an angel healer...)
Tags: fandom: spn

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