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Probably post 539503593 of my "wow I love SPN" posts, and certainly not the last

Gosh, I'm in the middle of something rn, but I feel like I haven't mentioned NEARLY RECENTLY ENOUGH how much I adore Supernatural. And "Born on the Bayou" by CCR just came on on Pandora and even though this is not even a song I consciously associate with Supernatural (why would I??), the guitar riff nearly moved me to tears with love for Sam and Dean.

It's funny; for the last twenty years, half of that I've spent deeply in love with exactly one show. There are other things I've loved simultaneously, obviously, but I've never let go of SPN. In the last 20 years, the lifespan of my fandoms has tended to be two to three years. There are things I still absolutely love unequivocally from these twenty years (love Legend of Zelda; love Six Feet Under; love Firefly; love SVU) but in terms of online "fandom" that's been passive. There are also things I've technically loved a long time, like Cars/cars, but because of there's a fallow period in the middle of the 2000s this far that's difficult to account for. And then Fast and Furious, for which I think my love has already seen its zenith.

To date, I've never seen a fandom through to the end. Like, I've never had a canon end when I'm still into it; generally I've bailed whenever I stopped loving it, and never looked back lol. Either that, or it stopped airing before I got into it, anyway. The only show I've actually returned to in order to see it through to the end (some years later) was House, MD, which I'd stopped watching midway through S6 after six years of fairly fanatical obsession with rewatching, and catching new episodes at 9PM on Tuesdays. I couldn't even tell you how many seasons House ended up having, though I want to say nine. When I went back to watch the ones I'd missed,I remember feeling good about having finished it out, but also feeling affirmed that I'd stopped for a reason. I didn't fall in love again. Even though I do still enjoy House returns up through S5 quite a bit, I know I'll never be in love the way I'd been. I know that's how a lot of people feel about SPN.

We're deep enough into S15 that I know that's not going to be how SPN goes for me. I love SPN so, so much, and it's not about loving X segment of seasons more than Y segments, because there are no borders for me. I just love the thing, the whole thing, and I can feel it in my stomach. I am in love, still in love, in ever-evolving ways. Gah, I JUST LOVE IT.

I don't remember the day I watched my first episode (1x17), or the day, MANY YEARS LATER, I watched my second (4x01). But I do remember the day I fell in love with SPN: November 12, 2009, the night 5x09 aired.

Happy tenth anniversary, bab. <333 Let's go howl at that moon.
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