Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Ghost of Summers Past

We got a comment on the summergen mod account a few days ago about some broken links, and I finally got around to fixing them today (after sitting around for a while thinking what... is the password to this account... THAT'S SUMMER KNOWLEDGE). I assumed they were for 2019 without looking too closely, but they were for 2015! I think my mouth literally dropped open. I think it's wonderful that even with the quietude of Livejournal and the evanescence/relatively short shelf life of online content, those lists are still being used.

I think it'd be fun next summer to sample a handful of fics from each year of summergen, as a sort of process of carbon-dating how fandom was thinking about these characters. Especially in terms of like, how, say, S1 and 2 were written when there was only S1/2 to go by, versus how they are written know, when we have the ability to really work with our fifteen years of potential foreshadowing and just like, know what comes next, how these characters will grow up and how their worlds will change.

I want to say the first summergen was in 2007? So there's literally over a decade of masterlists to our name as a fandom. And I've participated since 2010, and I can tell you FOR SURE I absolutely do not remember every fic I've written for summergen. (I was telling finchandsparrow the other night that I'd written a fic with Rowena and Charlie and Tamara for some reason, but I wasn't entirely sure why... While fixing the 2015 summergen masterlist, apparently the "why" was a summergen prompt!! lol)

Anyway, I think it'll be really fun to not only look through things I missed, but also to reunite with the fics/art I did read the first time around.
Tags: a sock in the dryer, fandom: spn, timetimetime

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