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Random SPN Thoughts 8x16-9x06

I keep thinking to myself, man, I need to practice writing things out clearly, with the intention that they be comprehensible to other human beings. Just because like, if I don't practice that, I won't be able to do it when I need to. Like when writing my dissertation, for instance.


1. After 15x07 I was trying to piece together like, what the actual Winchester code for killing human people was. Which I guess is probably something I should be clearer on, but *shrug emoji* idk man. XP And like, I know it has to do with the degree to which people have consorted with supernatural darkness, but I guess what I was really trying to figure out was how their standards have changed over the years, and how many people (not being used as vessels) they've actually killed to date?

Lee, for keeping a marid in his basement. The pimp guys from 10x09, which were mostly an accident. But then also, in 8x18, Dean is trying to convince Krissy not to kill the dude who consorted with a vampire to kill her dad, and he's like, "We don't kill people." And after a brief pause amends it to, "You don't kill people." XP Even with the consorting-with-vampire angle. (But I think a lot of Dean's protestation here was because of it being a vengeance killing, which he and Sam had just spent a whole season working through. But I digress.)

THIS IS JUST RAMBLING AND NONE OF THESE THOUGHTS CONNECT but I guess I'm really just curious about what people Sam and Dean have killed, when, and for what reason. Lee seems like an interesting edge case, in that he probably...didn't need to be killed (like, there was probably some way to link him to the murder of the girl and get him imprisoned instead, blah blah blah) but there also wasn't a pressing reason why he shouldn't be. So it's just another case where you go home feeling kind of gross about it (for instance, when you need to kill a baby vampire who volunteered for death, or when your werewolves murder-suicide and the girl you were trying to save was actually just Lilith, and already dead). I feel like there's something of that question in that episode, which is why I find it so compelling.

2. I definitely forgot that the dungeon/panic room was THROUGH A BOOKCASE IN A RECORD ROOM. I just saw the episode where they find it. I don't pay a lot of attention to what rooms exist and where rooms are in the bunker because I'm generally just like, eh, I will make something up as needed, but I am just. IT'S THROUGH A BOOKCASE. XDDDD So everyone they've dumped in there they've had to legit walk through this narrow-aisled record room, pause, pull back a bookcase, and then stash in the dungeon. Why is this so endearing to me???

3. In retrospect, I will acknowledge that there is a lot of very weird gendered/sexed nonsense going on in the last half of S8 and the first half of S9. Not in a way that I think is all that specific to SPN, but in the same sense that like--you recognize that kind of progress we've made as a society that makes TV, and there are just jokes/lines/assumptions/language that we wouldn't use now in 2020 that was normative in 2013, even. The same thing goes for SVU, where S14 of SVU doesn't seem that old and then they start saying outrageous things about sex workers (AND THEY ARE THE SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT) that they'd never, ever say in an episode now. I'm trying to think of an actual example from the eps I just mainlined, and only coming up from SVU lol.

But like, for instance. In 9x02 there's a female navy officer giving Sam and Dean grief for being shitty fake FBI agents, and Kevin forces her to cooperate with them by threatening to leak highly sexualized images of her to her commanding officer, and this was played as being a good and fine thing to do. Especially coming from Kevin--who at this point is what, barely 18?--I don't think that scene could exist in the same way now.

4. Castiel got off easy in 15x03. NOT THAT HE DID ANYTHING TO DESERVE DEAN'S IRE IN S15, but he only sort of did in S8 and Dean legit wanted to kill him. Like, to the point that Sam and Dean had a whole conversation that was Dean saying, man, the only reason I don't want to kill him is because he's Cas. WAIT DOES IT MATTER??? And then Sam saying, YEAH IT MATTERS OMG. And Dean is like WHY DOES IT. And Sam is like, BECAUSE IT'S CAS. And Dean is still like YEAH WHY DOES THAT MAKE IT MATTER THOUGH. (And then proceeds to leave Sam to tend to Crowley and the final trial on his own just to do Castiel a solid, but that's Dean.)

5. Dean is like, really really intensely terrible in the last half of S8 and the first half of S9. REALLY, REALLY INTENSELY TERRIBLE. Which like. Obviously I noticed the first time around lol. But I think the difference is even more stark, looking back from S15. I am still pleasantly amazed/proud that he survived S7, but am perhaps even more amazed/proud that he managed to make it through S8/9/10 and come out on the other side still committed to believing anything at all, or wanting to be a person, or work as hard as he does to care, and care about people, and be better. Because a lot of what he says and does in late S8/early S9--both related to Gadreel being in Sam and even not--is just like, wow. As I'm watching it, it really, really feels like there is no coming back from that, because almost everything he says and does just makes it that much worse. And you can tell he feels that, too, and it's so sad. :(

Not that it needs to be said, but Mark of Cain arc? Well-timed. But then like. Again! Looking back from the vantage point of S15, Dean is trying so hard and has come so far. <3 Even though his reaction to breaches of trust/perceived breaches of trust are probably never, ever, for the rest of his life, going to have any relationship to a reasonably measured response. They're just not.

I love him. <3____<3

Also, I love 9x06 so much. <3 It's the episode where Castiel is working at the Gas n' Sip and Dean is an asshole to everyone, everywhere, but there's that angel that fell from Heaven and hadn't had much contact with people and was struggling to execute in a world so filled with the intensity and wild variability of human emotion. <333 And Crowley finding that Abbadon really did steal his crown and doping on human blood and translating cuneiform for Sam and just like, the whole idea that Crowley recognizes that a Hell based on chaos alone is bound for disaster and really does believe in contracts. And the idea that prophets can't always straight up translate an angelic tablet written in a language none but God can read into English--Kevin had to translate it into a glyphic language instead. Which is so wonderful because it speaks to the complexity of language and the failure of things to translate directly, with the exact grammars, meanings, 1:1. All of these things are part of this zany, expansive world of S8/S9 where all sorts of things are shifting and changing and showing their incompatibilities and weirdnesses and I love it. <3
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