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Repeat Ones of 2019

This post is inspired by finchandsparrow's Top Tracks of 2019, which I'm still working through and very much enjoying!

I mostly listen to Pandora radio (contemporary rock, bluesy rock folk), the actual radio (classic rock), or the like, two mixtapes (mix CDs?) I have in my car, titled "Sick Beatz 2017" and "salt being a spirit deterrent."

But I am also very definitely an "obnoxiously repeat one" kind of person, so when I catch a song I think I'm probably going to want to listen to 100 times in a row, I put it in iTunes, too.

Here are the 10* tracks I added in 2019:

1. Back from the Edge - James Arthur
2. Storm - Jose Gonzalez
3. Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins
4. Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Karen O
5. The Greatest - Sia
6. High Hopes - Panic at the Disco
7. God Was Never on Your Side - Motorhead
8. Good Omens Opening Title
9. Sleeping on the Blacktop - Colter Wall
10. Under the Pressure - The Score

The Good Omens title is of a genre that I've historically found very useful for working, because it's a song I like but I didn't care much for/had no relationship to its source material, so it didn't make me want to just, for instance, think about Sam and Dean all day. Just as a totally random example. Wholly unrelatedly, many of the other songs on this list are me implanting as much SPN as humanly possible into my every waking moment

* I know 12 are listed, but one of those is JA's engine call, and one of them is JA's engine call, but it bleeds into Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special" because I was making an alarm tone for my phone. It is an extremely jarring alarm intended only for special occasions, like waking from a 2-hour nap at 3:30AM to go to the airport, and you wanna make sure you really wake up. VERY INAPPROPRIATE FOR NORMAL EVERYDAY USE.
Tags: fandom: spn, mememe

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