Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,


I finished S9! Meaning that I have now officially completed the rewatch I began in 2014, in honor of the 200th episode. The problem being, of course, that in the years that have elapsed since that fateful summer, we now have 120 more episodes, and that's not even counting the one we'll get on January 16th (where did the hiatus even go????? I HAVEN'T WATCHED 15x06 YET), so I really haven't completed anything at all. The other problem being, I watched S9 at such a breakneck pace now all I want to do is watch it again and stew in its juices more. So I guess here's to being mired in S9 for the next five years, probably. AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES.
Tags: fandom: spn, spn centennial hwy rewatch

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