Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

[Rec] Northern Lights by quickreaver

I just spent a solid two and a half days putting together materials for one (1) job application that asked for approximately 78987 different materials specific to their singular position, including the four hours I just spent writing fake comments for fake essays from my fake students and inviting them to discuss further in fake office hours while inviting them to reference handouts I fake gave them. IT IS MADNESS, UTTER MADNESS. And I'm so mad about all of it.

THIS, however, is gorgeous: Northern Lights by quickreaver (digital art/animation).

My favorite part is Sam's glorious hair and how it is so incredibly obvious whose silhouettes these all are, even though it's pure black and they're all wearing 19 layers.

The animated northern lights in the background and little shootings star is breathtaking as well. <3333
Tags: academia, fandom recs, fandom: spn, insufferability is plan a, sam!kinks

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