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God is a Subaru Forester and Dean is my favorite (A Summary of S9)

1. In 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait," Dean shows up at Castiel's Gas n' Sip and says he wants to buy beef jerky and menthols. I JUST FIND THIS SO ENDEARING because what in the world spurred that request? I mean, I don't think Dean thought about it at all; he just says things sometimes. But what unconscious chain of association led him to menthols?? It's so specific, and so left-field, considering as far as we know Dean does not smoke. XPP Was he just like, "these are things people buy at gas stations." But then why, as someone who himself often buys things at gas stations, would he need to throw out a "generic guy at gas station" request? Since Castiel was "Steve" was Dean's split-second unconscious reflex to also throw on a persona for the .3 seconds it took him to say hi? Or why, out of all the things the gas station attendant would need to get you from behind the counter, would it be menthols? Just amazing. Beautiful. I've been thinking about this for days.

2. In 9x17 "Mother's Little Helper" Dean gets real drunk by himself in the bunker, to the point that Sam can tell over the phone (though he doesn't say anything). Then, since he's drunk his entire 40 and needs more distraction besides, Dean goes off to some bar--I assume the regular Lebanon one. But Sam took the car, so like... how far away from Lebanon proper is the bunker? How far was Dean willing to walk? (Pretty far, probably.) The true geographic center of the U.S. is 2.5 miles outside of Lebanon, and the nearest river is 5.3 miles, though I dunno if it's big enough to actually offer hydropower.

I don't think he took any of the other cars in the bunker because I'm not convinced they actually run right now--not without some TLC, which somehow late S8/S9 just doesn't seem like they would have had time/inclination for. Have we ever seen them use them? (I have no idea what Dean's good to drive/not good to drive metric is, except that according to 10x22 it does not coincide with the legal limit, so we'll ignore that.)

When he's walking away from Crowley at the end of the episode, though, while the camera's on Crowley and his demon-posing-as-an-unwitting-hunter, Dean in the background crosses the street and keeps walking down the block. Since it's not like there was a dearth of nearby parking in front of Lebanon's only bar, that kind of makes it seem like he just kept walking all the way home. idk, man, I buy that Dean made a 10.6 mile roundtrip walk just to drink and play a solo game of pool. It's not like he had anything better to do, so I imagine was just like, why not? WHY IS THAT SO ENDEARING TO ME.

3. There's a second-gen green Forester in 9x01 that Hael steals and Castiel then crashes. This green Forester is also parked in the alley in 10x02 when Cole and demon!Dean are fighting, and the Lebanon kids in S14 drive a green Forester, too. SAME ONE?!?!?! (Spoiler: The Forester has been Chuck this entire time.)

4. Next rewatch I am for-real going to remember to collect screencaps for my "Sinks of Supernatural" and "Subarus of Supernatural" series. The sink in 9x18 is AMAZING.
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