Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Soup AU

Who knew Castiel was a Ford man? (Luxury Ford.) And in Paris, TX, the home of Campbell's soup! I feel like there's some kind of intensely weird AU available here, that combines, like... the Ford moving assembly line/time and motion studies as motif but also pop art and Warhol. I was thinking maybe this is one of Castiel's futures but then I realized it could just as easily be one of this pasts--one of his strange little pockets of existence that he lived when he was ignoring the Winchesters for whatever reason (music and soup reasons) and not in a stretch of episodes.

Maybe it's just something that happens to angels who make a habit of staying too long on Earth. They weren't built for that level of materiality, not really, so sometimes the excess of you--all that untapped Grace--needs to burn off, create a little pocket universe. You live there for a while. Then you go back to normal. Sort of like angelic REM sleep but not at all.

Tags: fandom: spn

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