Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Music: "Ashes, the Rain, and I" by James Gang

This is one of those "jesus, I wouldn't have guessed this scene was in that episode" moments, but there's a very random montage of Dean reading stuff about the Mark of Cain in 10x12 "About A Boy" set to this song:

I figured that, contextually, this meant it would absolutely be the song I would Repeat One while I very miserably tried to finish as much of my job talk as I could last night. I woke up early to keep writing (also miserably) and fired it right up again. I have this song so ingrained in my mind now that I listened to Linkin Park on full blast the entire drive to campus and when I came out the other end, realized I still had this song stuck in my head. Granted, Hybrid Theory is basically my second language at this point, so it's hard to get it stuck in my head; it is, ostensibly, always there. But still!

When I go home and continue to miserably write, I will probably fire it up again, because it's basically the same thing as getting to spend time with SPN, right. Right?

Edit: Somehow I've been sitting in my office answering emails for another twenty playthroughs of this song. Guess this is just the soundtrack of my life for the rest of my life!
Tags: academia, fandom: spn

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