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More Evernote Reminders

Oh man. So, in the continuing adventures of "I logged into my old Evernote ONE TIME and now Evernote is creeping on my Google Searches and inserting itself into my sidebar": Just now I Googled "synonym opportunity" while writing a cover letter for a postdoc and Evernote was like, you know what's related to that search?

A random WIP where Castiel sets up a homestead in Detroit with an urban garden and endives and none of the angels bother him because one time Lucifer said it happened in Detroit and now Heaven just Stays Out. (The fic is apparently a divergent timeline from 9x03.)

At some point Dean apparently goes and visits Castiel, because the last lines in the Evernote are these two lines, zero context around them:
Dean is angry at himself for being useless. He says, "Fuck you, Cas. If you can't help, then get out."

"This is my home, Dean. I've already been told to leave yours."

I'm cracking up because six years later and THE SENTIMENT IS APPARENTLY STILL EXTREMELY RELEVANT. Dean, disowning Castiel for sometimes valid but often arbitrary reasons since... uh, S4. I should be way more invested in D/C than I am. It's amazing and I love it.

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