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"Just the first scene with Sam and Dean in it," I said, "just a little taste."

--As I proceeded to then watch all of 15x11 except for the cold open, which I will probably forget I haven't actually seen in exactly the same way I still haven't gone back to the cold open for 15x07 or literally half of 15x06. I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU ONE DAY, I PROMISE. Aahhhhhh

I was, for once in my life, so focused on work that I forgot SPN existed and therefore did no have to try to focus on work while also pining for SPN. My plan was to just roll with that and try to forget SPN existed for as long as possible.

But then Dean Winchester showed up at my apartment in Palo Alto in the middle of the night, lookin' for a beer, and I was just like

Tags: fandom: spn, spn x

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