Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

S15 Except the Entire Season is Set in Michigan: Another Episode

The bottle episode I've always wanted, which takes place entirely in this hamburger joint. (I've only been to a satellite location, but if you want to eat DELICIOUS sliders in the company of 60-year old men at 10am, this place is a surefire way to do so.) Dean would love them because the automatically come with extra onions.

Anyway, it'd be the bottle episode I've always wanted, and the running bit would be them having met whatever guest character drove in with that Camaro--but since it's a bottle episode, we never see the cars actually drive. Opening scene is a moving cam that comes up from the parking lot to land on the two cars, parked quietly adjacent each other, soft classic rock playing through muffled walls. Then, an explosion of loud violence that transitions into the explosive title card+title card sound.

When we come back, we're in the diner, panning over the occupants (Winchesters and Camaro person included), and text reads "12 hours earlier."


Tags: #ithappensindetroit, fandom: spn, it happens in detroit

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