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Who's excited for their summergen assignment? I'm excited for my summergen assignment! Reading the prompts, I know who's going to be in my fic and what part of the timeline it'll take place, as well as the basic premise and two of the things I wanna play around with for my own pleasure (one characterization-wise, and one description-wise).

The three things I don't have yet and/or am not sure about:

1. Whether to include some of the character explorations I want to do, or whether I should just save them for my own space. I'm just worried I'll come across as an anti. (It's not my fault that everyone in this show has shitty qualities THAT I AM FASCINATED BY, OKAY.) Especially since the POV I'm toying with probably isn't going to be in a very sympathetic mood. So I guess I'll see how that goes.

2. The story. Like, I know what's going to happen but I don't yet know why, and I really don't know why that story would actually need to be told. You know I post whatever shit on this journal (and frankly, often even on AO3), but I feel like for a gift--and for spn_summergen!--it's appropriate to hold myself more accountable than that.

So far every time I'm like "ah, THIS, though, this will be what makes this fic worth reading!" I just end up with something that I'm half-into, but also seems like it's probably contrived/gimmicky. I know the solution here is probably just to start writing, letting it come out organically, and edit heavily. But I haven't written anything in a million years and I am just a pandemic mush pile right now, so I'm just like, you're expecting me to write AND revise? hhhhhhhhhhhh...

3. Dialogue. Which is unusual for me for SPN fic, because generally I start with a conversation and spend the rest of the writing process figuring out why that conversation is happening, and what else it's part of.

It's kind of like--the way Fast and Furious movies get made is they start with the stunts. They dream up a few bombastic set pieces they'd like to pull off, and then write the script around those. That's what I do, but instead of stunts, I do it with super innocuous conversations that generally aren't even the main focus of the finished fic.

I'd love to hear about your creative process, whether writing or drawing or something else entirely. Or about your summergen (in vague, non-spoilery terms, obviously). Or about not your summergen!
Tags: fandom: spn, writing

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