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"Ramble on" is right...

Michigan radio (mostly Detroit, but sometimes also West) has been playing a disproportionate amount of Metallica this summer. I'm not really sure why, because usually these phases correspond with whatever band will be playing a concert in the area soon, and clearly that's not the case this summer. New album coming out? "Hardwire to Self-Destruct" feeling like a particularly relevant sentiment? Who knows. Not complaining, just confused!

But as I was driving home last night, and it made me wonder whether Dean even likes Metallica that much? Enough to own and play a cassette tape, sure, but like, I have CDs in my car that I will listen to but don't necessarily have high affinity for. Enough to hum it on airplanes. (And they're great for that!) Enough to use various band members as aliases multiple times. At the same time, Dean's taste has always seemed a little softer and warmer than that. (All accurate and professional musical terms!) Less thrash-y, more bluesy, more classic.

Though I'm also in full favor of people having broad and evolving musical tastes, even if they don't seem all that related!!! Adding some T Swift to the mix, for instance. Or, Sam having chosen to listen to Jason Manns but also liking Vince Vicente. I just think it's funny Kripke was like "I don't listen to anything after 1980" but Metallica graces the series from episode 1 clear through the rest of the series. XP

When I was living in San Diego, there were two stations we listened to--the classic rock and the contemporary rock stations. The inversion point was somewhere around Metallica/Nirvana, which would play on both stations as the genres crossed over. But then, Detroit classic rock recently played Evanescence, so WHO KNOWS HOW MANY DECADES "CLASSIC" HAS SWALLOWED UP TO THIS POINT. It's true that Evanescence debuted nearly 20 years ago.... D:

Also, Sam thinks it's worth remarking on the AC/DC, Metallica, etc. even though he's only been gone for four years and if the cassettes hadn't been updated then, why would they be now? So maybe he is remarking on a mild update, and maybe it's the prevalence of this new-old music that's noteworthy; because some of that are new additions that are more Dean's than John's, and didn't get as much play in the car's rotation back when Sam remembers. Which is fun to think about! And then we have "Ramble On" and "Travelin' Riverside Blues," which seem to cover both very early and very late Zeppelin, the former having been recorded during John's adolescence and then the latter in Dean's (even if obviously the Robert Johnson gives it a much older sound), which is pleasantly bookend-y.

I don't really care for a definitive answer to any piece of this, obviously; just some "WOW, literally could have driven to California with the number of times I've driven back and forth on I-94 this month" thoughts. But I'd file away all these thoughts under whatever folder covers "your car? That's Dad's. Your favorite leather jacket? Dad's. Your music? Dad's" being more retaliation than truth.
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