Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Every time I think about Bleach I think about Dean's line in 4x15 "Death Takes a Holiday"

What the hell is this?

Okay, this—this—this is not what it looks like.

DEAN laughs.

Really? 'Cause it looks like devil worship.

What? No! No, this is not devil worship. This—This is—this—this is, uh I don't have a good answer.

If you ever find yourself frustrated by the plotbuilding, continuity, or pacing of Supernatural--or any other show--please consider watching Bleach, the major climaxes of which continue to make less sense the more often I continue to review them and the more days I try to write this fic. Please consider watching Bleach, which regularly just fucks off to alternate timelines for entire filler arcs that have NO bearing on or connection to the main storyline, nor is it remotely possible that they could intersect or weave into it at any possible moment, in any possible way. Sometimes, MULTIPLE TIMES, such that one fight between two dudes got cut up and spread out across THREE SEASONS OF ALTERNATE TIMELINE with explanations/forewarnings only present in the episode previews, such that it would take literal years in our, the viewer's, world to finish a fight that in theirs probably took like 2 minutes max in theirs. Please consider this happening against the worst instrumental score known to man, with pacing choices that include 5 minutes of recap and 2 minutes of theme song per 24-minute episode, some of which are literally nothing BUT recap because there were year-long filler sequences between 1 minute of a fight and the next. Please consider the fact that there exists at least one episode of Bleach that, having succeeded a full 24-minute recap episode, begins by recapping the recap for a full half of its runtime. Then ask yourself if you could possibly be bothered by literally anything else.

My heart goes out to anyone who watches Bleach dubbed, because then you have to add the most wooden "no one has ever sounded more like they were reading straight off a script they'd never seen before" voice-acting on planet Earth, which fundamentally misunderstands that one of Bleach's greatest, brightest joys is the characters' full breadth of emotion and experiences, the multiple registers of language in which they all operate, the codeswitching, the brilliant melange of dialects and accents because this show has like 900 ensemble castmembers, the social hierarchies expressed through language, and did I mention the codeswitching? <3333333333 The whole point of watching Bleach animated is 1) seeing the fights played out in full moving detail, as it is a fighting series, and 2) the absolutely stellar voicework, plus the addition of all the additional language particularities, which ofc you mostly don't get when you're reading English translations of the manga (and absolutely don't get in the dub, holy wow).

Which is all to say I absolutely adore, adore, ADOOOOOOOORE Bleach and have devoted a significant number of my waking hours to watching, re-reading, Wiki-ing, headcanon-ing, scream into the void-ing, and generally vibing such that it is presently less accurate to say I am a human person, and more accurate to say I am a meat sack filled with a lot of feelings about Bleach. I probably love Bleach more now than I did in high school, which is saying something, considering I baked a cake for my favorite character's birthday more than once and brought the entire thing to school to share... But if I loved Bleach to the same extent that I do in this exact moment I don't see how I would have graduated high school, so.

For the past two days I've woken up with thrumming visceral excitement, as though I were waking up to like, go somewhere cool or do something fun. I was confused about it yesterday, because I knew for sure I was just waking up to work, go to meetings, and feel bad about the world... But today I know what it is. This is just unbridled joy in anticipation of watching Bleach tonight, LOL.

I wish everyone an excellent day, filled with this level of ecstatic devotion to anime from like 12 years ago, and/or your personal equivalent.
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