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Turn it up to 11

One of my favorite things about writing fan fiction--or being fannish in general, making up headcanons and speculation that doesn't require being harnessed to a story--is trying to connect the dots within the canonical constraints you're given. Maybe this means building out the world, from whatever tantalizing sketch the canon offers. Or trying to make sense of a line of dialogue, or of a sequence of plot points.

In my LJ profile, I have a quote from an article about Sherlock Holmes (well, it's about fans of Sherlock Holmes) who take joy in using the stringent processes of deduction to figure out bits and pieces of Holmes lore, or to create solutions for the bits and pieces that don't seem quite right. Which I think is just wonderful, because it's feeding the canon with the spirit of the canon itself, if that makes any sense. It's approaching the canon on the terms the canon has set for both its world and its heart.

I think that impulse is easier to relate to for Sherlock Holmes, because processes of deduction and impenetrable logic, etc., feel real and legitimate. But I think that idea goes for anything, and I love, love, love that moment where the assumptions we make about our world are no longer adequate to explain what lies before us (the moment of retcon, "plot reasons," suspension of disbelief, Macguffin, shark-jumping). Like...yeah, it can be annoying or disappointing when it seems very impossible to make things work and connect up in the right way, just like trying to complete a puzzle where the pieces aren't made that well and don't actually fit. That's real.

But then, another part of me is so infatuated by the idea that maybe they don't need to fit? We don't need to be neat about it? And there's some golden space between being tight and composed and "perfect" and being a complete fucking mess where you think, yes, this is where the magic happens, with all its ragged edges and its embrace of all the ways the way we think is inadequate to apprehending any world, whether it's the real one out there or a fictive one between pages. I just love being confronted with dots to connect that can't really be connected in a logical way, and then turning it up to 11 and thinking maybe this world is different from ours in some deep, old, cellular way that these expectations, these assumptions don't hold true here.

Like, I'm endlessly fascinated by how different the SPN world must be from ours that serial killing, grave desecrating torture brothers Sam and Dean haven't been assassinated for domestic terrorism yet (especially after Ketch cleaned out that black ops base in S12). CONVENIENT, YES, but what if there's something fundamentally different about the way DNA, or forensics, or policing, or even institutional memory works? Fascinating.

Or like, in Cars, people always get hung up on drawing direct analogs between the cars and humans like uhuhuhu how do cars procreate, why was there a car WWII, how does evolution work? etc. And they think they're being really clever creating all these alleged "gotcha!" scenarios when in actuality they're being very boring.

Or like, in Bleach, which is the hot mess of "fifteen years of manga serialized weekly by the seat of the author's pants" worldbuilding and plot-making that really wouldn't hold up to even Holmesian "deductive scrutiny" but is also effortlessly wonderful and exciting and fascinating in its possibilities.

This is all fairly metaphysical that isn't all that concrete and that I don't think I've spent time bothering to explain here (I'm freeballing while I wait for my bff to be ready to... watch more Bleach lol) but WOW I LOVE IT. LOVE IT A LOT!!!!!

EDIT: NO SOONER DID I WRITE THIS... Someone messaged me the usual Reddit post about Cars, and I responded with, "why yes, as fandom we've actually creatively discussed this already... It was very fun and collaborative and lovely."
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