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Syllables, syllables...

My Bleach fic that was 3k with the expected length of 5k is now over 7k, and I have three more poorly outlined scenes to go, so it's good to know that my ability to estimate how long things will be is as poor as ever.

But now we're into like, "second half fic writing concerns," where as Chuck notes, "since it's the ending, it's all supposed to add up to something." None of the remaining scenes are the literal, chronological ending of the fic, but that sentiment still holds true, because like, when I'm writing something I always want there to be that narrative thread, I want there to be that throughline--but as I'm trying to take stock of the full fic and revise and ensure that it's there, I always worry if what I'm really doing isn't revision, but shoehorning, Or like, placing some kind of trite narrative over the top of something it shouldn't be part of. As though in my desire to lead the reader somewhere I'm just slash-and-burning my way through.

And then there's the character concerns! Where say you've been writing the same character's POV for 7000 words and suddenly you're compelled to wonder whether you've adequately captured them, or whether you've made them feel trite (and/or wandered altogether too far afield, in your attempt to push what you see of them in canon to what you think might be behind/within). Or whether like, the other characters are still very much themselves, even if their appearances are fleeting, and even if they're filtered through another character's POV, who may not know them well, or know them in a particular way, or not be paying much attention.

I know in this fic the POV character is doing a lot of people-watching and casual eavesdropping, and while I think he's a fairly observant dude I'm not sure it's realistic that he'd stay for as much of the scenes as I've written, or been able to understand them as clearly as he does. XP But then he's thousands of years old and magical, so wtf do I know about how he exist in the world, really.

And I think another part of this question I have while writing is like, how do you bring the spirit of the source material--the spirit that compelled you to write in the first place--without bringing in too much of it? Because outside of visual gags and whatnot, I feel like there's a certain way that anime people act/interact that is the spirit of the genre, but is also kind of hinky. And feels moreso in written form, because it doesn't feel as natural to the medium. Same goes with SPN. Like, you want to bring in some of that "CW genre TV" spirit--but there are things that play in that genre that you really can't get away with on a page as well.

So I'm thinking like, okay, how far can I really go with certain "anime genre" set pieces and tropes before I'll stop liking the way it reads, once I finish the fic and get out from the blinds, lol.

And then while I feel like these are all important things to be thinking through, I'm also a strong proponent of "just write the thing and push it out of the nest." And I feel like if I'm spending 15 minutes trying to decide how I want to translate a line, IT'S TIME FOR SOME AGGRESSIVE NEST-PUSHING.

(I want a character to match something her interlocutor said syllable for syllable. But the word I want her to say is the right number of syllables in Japanese, but not in English... So do I make my syllable joke even though the English word doesn't follow the syllables at all, or do I change the line so the English has enough syllables? BUT THEN IT CHANGES THE MEANING OF THE LINE SLIGHTLY, and blah blah blah. Hi I took Translation Theory in undergrad and edited a journal of literary translation can you tell.)

But I find myself definitely shoehorning in like, nearly all my fave things into this one fic, which will either be a great accomplishment or a holy mess. Time will tell. XPPP I'm enjoying it as I write it, in any case???
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