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Summergen Week 3

Week 3 of spn_summergen is in the books! This week's themes are pre-series Winchesters and SPN's lovely ladies. It's kind of amazing how each week so far has had fairly clear unifying themes? Because like, I was the poster for this week and I certainly didn't plan any theme. SUMMERGEN HAS A LIFE OF ITS OWN.

Also, shoutout to the lovely people who have been following this event and showing our creators the love they deserve. I see you in the comments! And I love you. <333

ART: He who hunts alone, for spn_summergen
Pre-series. Graphic manip of a young Dean on a ghost hunt.

FIC: Orphans, for stardustdean
Dean POV, AU where Sam and Dean are passed from babysitter to babysitter after John's death and end up in a crumbling abbey very far from help.

FIC: Sammy's First Day, for septembers_coda
Pre-series, Sam POV. His first day of kindergarten.

FIC: Riders on the Storm for canon_is_relative
Eileen POV. After death, and the struggle to stay true to her memories.

FIC: Read the Bones, for GigiS89
Rowena backstory—her life with a young child, dead-end jobs in a rough world, and a hunger for greater.

FIC: Stepping Out, for backrose_17
Pre-series. Sam takes his first steps.
Tags: fandom: spn

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