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Summergen Week 4

I like doing these roundups, because it gives me a chance to think about the week in full, and hot damn, spn_summergen is on a roll. So much majesty here??? Every week????? I keep coding the links and thinking back to the fic to write the mini-summaries and I'm like, wow, I loved that one! etc. Check 'em out if you haven't already! :)

This week's themes are "characters, never forgotten," featuring a broad range supporting characters from across our many seasons, and "something fishy in the bunker..."

boy wonder blues, for brightly_lit
Jack POV, post-S15 (or in some amorphous post-S15 as-aired, in any case). An assortment of bodies and backstories in the bunker, not quite merry-making.

Man in the mirror, for amypond45
Jacob Pond, the Dean he's imagined, and the Dean he finds, 7 years later. S14.

The Small Tale of Tiny Sam, for borgmama1of5
Dean POV. Sam gets small. Like, real small… But curse or no curse, the grind stops for no Winchester. Lighthearted magical mystery, with bonus Jody.

Shackled Souls and Forgotten Flowers, for hootiepgh
Lucifer POV (Samifer, more specifically). Lucifer, his vessel, and The End.

Well Respected Men, for birdsofthesoul
Dean Smith, Sam Wesson, and one Prius.

Never Meanin' No Harm, for sakarrie
Dean POV. The long road home from Texhoma. (15x07 "Last Call.)

An Englishman in Lawrence, for dizzojay
Sam POV. Ketch is in town, Dean affects a comically old-timey English accent, and Sam can't tell if there's something amiss or if his brother's just fucking with him. Then it escalates.
Tags: fandom: spn

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