Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Summergen Week 5

And we're into spn_summergen Week 5! This week's theme is, beyond a doubt, the Alternate Universe:

ART: Saving People, The Family Business, for giacinta2
AU--what jobs would Sam and Dean take on, if their lives weren't, well, their lives?

ART/FIC: Hasn't It Happened Before, for annie46
Sam, Dean, and a Supernatural fan convention. (We always end up here.)

FIC: move forward, for womanoflettersinthebunker
Dean POV, Stanford/Pilot AU. Sam is a ghost. That's not his biggest problem.

FIC: Greetings from Somewhere, for emmatheslayer
John, in a series of letters he sent back to Normal from Vietnam.

FIC: Freedom, for jj1564
AU Sam (POV) and Dean trying a case (and some plaid) on for size.

ART: Once Upon a Time in the West, for spn_summergen
Sheriff Sam Winchester, saloonkeeper Ruby, and Michael closing in—all in brilliant color.

FIC: Tyger, Tyger, for thnks_samulet
Pre-series AU, Sam POV. He's pyrokinetic and this is more complicated than even you'd think. John has an inkling, though.
Tags: fandom: spn

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