Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Summergen Week 6

Week 6 of spn_summergen with just a hair over two weeks remaining. This week's themes are Sam Winchester, boyking witch, and SPN Classic, where here means casefic MOTWs but also curtain!fic.

FIC: Anything for zubeneschamali
S14, Castiel POV. Sam did say that any demon wanting to be the King of Hell was gonna have to go through him. They take him seriously.

FIC: Blue Shift for amberdreams
A "night at the museum" scenario replete with all the many wonders, glories, and oddities of a natural history museum, some lovely OCs, and a side of H/C for Sam and Dean.

FIC: Hellbound for juliasets
S6, Sam POV. Sam, caught between the Cage and reality topside, and Dean, with memories altered/taken.

FIC: Our Shadows Taller Than Our Soul for tyrsibs
Sam POV. Post-series curtain!fic, with Sam and Dean in all their glory, the bunker in all its weirdness, old friends, new ones, and a new house in Nebraska.

FIC: Saint Jude Would Say for de_nugis
Sam and witchcraft, which is a garden of his own design. Excellent bonus Rowena!

FIC: Rowena's Apprentice for tammyrenh
Rowena POV, on Sam's developing powers (and what Dean thinks about all this).

FIC: In Jeopardy in Georgia for tifaching
Both Sam and Dean POV. Sometimes a case goes sideways. Other times, it goes way sideways. Sam and Dean case!fic with ample hurt!Dean.
Tags: fandom: spn

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