Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Summergen Week 7

I am LATE with last week's roundup, but I had to catch up on reading! And I am this close to catching up on commenting, hahaha.

This week's themes are "the epic" and "Sam and Dean motherfucking Winchester." I know that second one is a cop-out theme, because what week is that not true of Summergen, but I feel like when you read this collection of absolute gems you'll see what I mean. Because OH MY GOD. <3333333

FIC: Falling Slow, for Lennelle
S15, Sam POV. An epic that proceeds from Castiel's probing of Sam's God wand and pulls in all directions, across universes and through everything Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Eileen can muster.

FIC: The Listeners, for finchandsparrow
Outsider POV (or rather, insider POV). A quiet demon niggles its way into Sam, with no dog in the fight. This is how you emerge from wars intact.

FIC: Our Own Lives and Nobody Else's, for kalliel
S3, Sam POV. Eerie painful dealings with deals and dogmen.

FIC: Road Trip, for boysinperil
Pre-series, Dean POV. For once, a road trip that is exactly that. Breathe deep and breathe easy.

ART: The Best of Both Worlds, for dwimpala67
Heaven is: Happiness on the Winchesters' faces, painted in rich and dazzling watercolor.

FIC: Double Oh Seven Vacation Days, for merenwen76
S8—an unexpected return in an unexpected place. AKA, the Winchesters do the Hamptons.

FIC: In the Pines, for theymp
S7. The very best of the Pacific Northwest, with Dean on the hunt for Sam after he goes missing. What Dean did to Amy the kitsune (and the way he lied about it) makes things complicated.
Tags: fandom: spn

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