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Summergen Week 8

spn_summergen Week 8! This week's theme is "WEIRD!!!"--as in, "Well, that was weird... with three exclamation points."

FIC: The Lord's Work, for monicawoe
S4 AU, Dean POV. Angels and demons and in new, destabilizing orientations.

Exactly what it says on the tin!

FIC: Play it Again, for bluefire986
S1, Sam POV. A CYOA full of Winchesters, Indiana, and some pretty significant road trouble.

FIC: Don't Judge a Book by its Criminal Record, for alyndra
S7, outsider POV. Sam and Dean get rolled by someone whose uncle they killed in cold blood—you know, as part of their recent serial killer bloodsport spree.

FIC: The Omnipotence Paradox, for wetsammywinchester
S14/15. Jack as God in a graveyard in Kansas, and a narrative affectation that captures both the comedy and cruelty of all that happens next.

FIC: Everything That Rides Below the Surface, for themegalosaurus
Pre-series. Ozark Howlers, dinosaurs (no, pterosaurs), and dreams Sam's been having—dreams more than dreams.

FIC: Fangs for the Supernatural Memories, for quickreaver
Outsider POV. In one of God's multiverses, a documentarian comes to the Bunker to chat with the Winchesters, who are all teeth and… uninspired banter. At least as far as this documentary filmmaker is concerned.

FIC: latromantis, for ladykiki
S10. Unable to break the curse of the Mark of Cain by conventional means, Sam and Dean take a shot at the lore sideways. It goes, well. Sideways.

And that's a wrap, folks! Generally viewership falls off pretty precipitously mid-August onward, so be the change I wish to see in the world, and check out Week 7 and Week 8 if you haven't had the chance already!

I've tried to keep these lists pretty impartial, because I think every gift has been well worth loving, but two of my top favorites of the last two weeks are Our Own Lives and Nobody Else's (which is the one for me...!) and In the Pines. If you like Sam and Dean deeply regional slow burn horror with complicated afterwards, these are for you. <3 The first offers Midwestern gothic, and the second takes us to the gothic mode of the Pacific Northwest.
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