Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

NO GRAVEL PIT and 7 cornholes

PHEWWWW so I've worked 70 hours this week and still have a bunch more work to get done before Monday, but I woke up early this morning to go for a drive ("to the grocery store," in the amorphous Winchester way where Dean will go "on a supply run" and come back 8 hours later with Chex Mix, bread, and a case of beer) and it was a drive so very full of all the Supernatural feelings. <33333 I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHAAAAAAAHHFHAFPAOIFA:FAKLAJ

And a random small Midwestern town tour, which included:

- This Stingray bravely parked right next to the Meijer cart return.

- North wants Trump for President but what they want even more is NO GRAVEL PIT at Wilkinson Lake.

- Scrapaloo is not a scrapyard--it is a HUGE scrapbooking store.

- Moose Lodge advertises its fishing and the number of cornhole boards it has available.

- Solid Rock Church

- I thought "I should be extra vigilant, it seems like there will be a deer," rounded a corner, and there was immediately a deer.

- Colorful hot air balloons flying over the Gilmore Car Museum

- Gull Lake, Wall Lake, and Something Else Lake

- AC/DC at 7AM, and then literally AC/DC every time I switched to that station thereafter

- You should road trip with me because I will definitely turn the volume all the way up on "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" before 8AM

- THIS SMOOSHED DISCOUNT PIE. <3333333 Which I had to get. I was already planning to make a Jucy Lucy for the Darlington NASCAR race on Sunday, so I guess now I'll have a full burgers+pie bonanza???

And I was thinking about it, and the episodes that start airing on October 7 will be such an odd little time pocket, because they will be coming into the public for the first time, but they will be coming from a pre-pandemic world. There will be nothing about them that is cognizant of, at any level of consciousness, what it means to live in pandemic. And unless they throw a reference in in the finale (which I hope they wouldn't--that'd be unnecessary and probably tasteless?), SPN and its universe will always exist in a non-COVID world. Whatever else might happen to it and whatever other Apocalypses most of its denizens have definitely not noticed, they won't have this one. <3
Tags: fandom: spn, hell on wheels, pics or it didn't happen, spnfiltration, strange tales from the midwestern front, yum cups

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