Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Eyes only for you

I really wish I could have like... more than one relationship to SPN at the same time? Basically, what I want to be able to do is watch SPN...but multitask. Which is how I watch stuff like Monk, and Psych, and Law and Order, etc. It's like a background companion, and sometimes while eating I get to see the screen AND hear the audio at the same time. I've even been watching (for the third time since this pandemic got underway lol...) The Expanse like that--so it's not just shows that I don't think are best watched with my full attention. HAHAHA that definitely describes Law and Order, which is so comfortably procedural and so comfortably "I've probably seen this episode 5 times in my life but I only remember this one random scene and it's not how it ends." The Expanse is like... good... It's really really good, in fact, and even now on my third rewatch I'm still learning things and gaining an ever-deeper appreciation for the many tangles of its plot and its characters' relationships. But I can do that while washing dishes or tidying up or cooking.

BY RIGHTS I should be able to watch SPN while doing all those fucking things, because I'm...not certain there's a SPN ep I haven't seen at least three times, outside of the eps that aired in early 2020??? I've only watched 9x20 once... And I still haven't seen 15x12 or 15x13. But anyway, the point is, it's not lack of familiarity or comfortability with these episodes. But if I'm going to watch SPN, I'm going to watch the fuck out of SPN, and I'm going to be right there, total immersion, total buy-in, presence in full.

Which definitely isn't an experience I'm knocking! That's probably how we should all be doing everything, all the time, instead of buying into the myth of multi-tasking. It'd be a richer life.

But... late capitalism. So what I really wish I could find it in me to do is protect that viewing relationship while also simultaneously being able to put SPN on as my chore companion and have that feel right, too. Because I started a rewatch between seasons 9 and 10 and I AM STILL IN SEASON 10. IT'S BEEN OVER HALF A DECADE AND I'M STILL IN SEASON 10. I gotta finish this rewatch so I can, uhhhhhh... REWATCH SPN AGAIN.
Tags: a sock in the dryer, fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, salt being a spirit deterrent

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