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Random muse for your midnight

Do you regularly use a disproportionate number of Yiddish loanwords in your day to day? Because I feel like I use a disproportionate number of Yiddish loanwords for someone who is not remotely Jewish or even generally Eastern European, or German, and did not grow up in an area with a large Jewish population. (Though I did spend four years in La Jolla, which is pretty Jewish??)

My best guess is having been socialized into Yiddish loanwords via American media, coming out of LA and NYC. (I mean, that's absolutely where Sam and Dean get theirs, right? XD In the sense of having been written by a Pretty Jewish Team of Writers in LA, but probably also, in-universe, from having watched a lot of America media.) But then... this has gotta be true of any of you who consider yourselves as having watched a lot of American media, right??? But maybe I'm just a schlemiel schlepping all these loanwords around and I gotta get in touch with my mishpocheh and give 'em this same spiel and see what they say?
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