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15x14 "Last Holiday"

Oh my goddddddd everything is chaos everything is just work and more work and more work and catastrophe and being deeply deprived of my fundamental humanity and the needs associated with this condition, so I'm caught in between "WOW I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIIIIIIT" and deeply wanting to clear my schedule for absolutely nothing but SPN because these last 7 episodes are a sequence I will never, ever get back.

I ended up watching this over lunch/dishes so I could get it in before 15x15, even though I have not actually seen 15x12 or 15x13 yet, and like... oh man, it feels like 60 years since I've watched a new SPN episode and it is just so???? wonderful???? Even though this isn't really the kind of episode I like, because I'm not really into the bunker or MoL lore, and am 50/50 on "mid-season hijinks" as an episode genre. XDD But every corner of this just felt so deeply SPN, and compelled me in ways that only SPN does, like there's a certain kind of mental song that is second nature in the course of watching an episode of this show that is not emulated in my experiences with/relationship to literally anything else I watch (and love!). I loved watching this.

- I've entertained a scene in my head many many times of Winchester B-roll where Dean makes some off-hand comment about expecting Sam to be the one to fix this or that in the bunker because of that one time where Sam "hit a dog" and "spent a summer fixing air conditioners and shit," so it was fun to see a version of that in canon. I am here for Crappy Bunker and Crappy Bunker only. XDDD

- I am EXTREMELY in love with the idea that up until 15x14 they've just like, abandoned use of an entire room of the bunker since 13x16--TWO YEARS AGO--and in all that time did not even bother to remove the smashed TV. Like, I can't overstate how extremely in love with this I am.

- swirly straw vampires, RIP :(

- lol interdimensional geoscope <333

- okay I don't care about the MoL but I AM into Magnus. What a complete weirdo. Amazing. Terrible. Perfect. <3

- Sam and Dean just being handed things (whether it is a bag lunch or a nest of vampires/whatever, without having to do the work of learning the story, working the case, accepting the tradeoffs inherent to the trade) makes me PROFOUNDLY uncomfortable, and I love that

- I am VERY interested in Magnus's deal weirdo deal here and the notion of nymphing as a "young woman's game" in relation to that and the way Mary wends her way into all things here and all the bizarre refractions around gender/care/care-taking/family/monstrosity that feels at once very basic and very much not, and is MOST CERTAINLY strange and fruitful ground, but I'd wanna go back to the end of S14 before thinking through all that in more depth

- was the Madge homage with the holidays as well as the fingernail thing intentional or

Spending time with you is just so genuinely and singularly pleasurable, my beautiful grown-up baby Show. <33333333333333
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