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15x12 "Galaxy Brain"

I finally watched 15x12 for the first time today! Which aired on March 16, apparently, LOL, so clearly doing well with staying on track here. My PROBLEM, though, is that as I once again verified for myself today, I cannot multi-task SPN. I know this, have known this. But I tried again today and attempted to fold laundry while watching and it just didn't work, because seeing every frame felt meaningful and necessary; I didn't feel like I was getting the full story if I wasn't seeing everyone's expressions and position in the scene in fine detail.

The one thing that I can't stop thinking about is that Kaya spent literal years in the Bad Place hoping someone was on their way to rescue her, and acknowledging that such a rescue probably WOULD take time. I get the impression they didn't really talk about what all they'd been up to the last few years (when did we even last see Kaya? was that seriously S13? Has Kaya been hanging out in the Bad Place as long as that Scooby Doo TV has lain in pieces in the basement???), so I feel like Kaya might be under the impression that anyone was actually trying to save her for the last two years. Instead of, you know, basically forgetting about her and completely ignoring everything about her outside of Dark Kaia having a weapon that's potentially useful for their own ends. No one even hit a dog!!!!

She was happy to see them because whose standards wouldn't be excessively low after living in a tree house in monsterland for two years?? Dean forced her into a car at gunpoint--and that was before all the other shit they put her though. I just feel like that comes out all the more because of Kevin's reappearance in our opening triptych of episodes (shoutout to the end of 8x02, one of my fave S8 scenes! which is incidentally the ep where Thor's Hammer is introduced, and which we just saw in 15x14. ~illuminati time~).

This probably sounds Sam and Dean-negative, though if you're still on LJ and subscribe to this journal, I assume you know me well enough to know that I am not. XD But since this is public I'll post the disclaimer anyway. I love them because they're so, so good. But I also love them because they are fuckin' shitty. They are awful!!! In ways they recognize entirely but also in ways they really don't.

15x13, 15x15, 15x16 and I will be caught up! Because I still would really like to be. I really want to experience the finale the night it was meant to be experienced. ♥
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